CHILE 2019 14-16th November 2019

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APEC CEO SUMMIT is Asia-Pacific´s most influential meeting of business and government leaders. Attendance is by invitation only.


This is what CasaPiedra will look like for the APEC CEO Summit between 14 and 16 November

The CasaPiedra convention center is ready to welcome representatives from the business sector who will be participating in the APEC CEO Summit Chile 2019, which will be taking place between 14 and 16 November in Chile. PublicisLive, the company in charge of the production, graphic design and implementation of the Asia-Pacific business summit this year in Chile, is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It has been responsible for the design and logistics of numerous events organized by some of the most important and influential organizations in the world. In fact, it is the company behind the World Economic Forum that takes place every year in Davos and which is visited by some of the most prestigious figures in the world economy, as well as by opinion leaders and important authorities. 

For hosting the APEC CEO Summit this year, CasaPiedra will make use of its conference hall with a capacity for 800 guests, its meeting rooms, a media center for accredited members of the press and various networking areas. 

* The original article (in Spanish) can be found at: https://www.df.cl/noticias/internacional/economia/asi-se-vera-casapiedra-para-el-apec-ceo-summit-entre-el-14-y-16-de/2019-07-03/181528.html