CHILE 2019 14-16th November 2019

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APEC CEO SUMMIT is Asia-Pacific´s most influential meeting of business and government leaders. Attendance is by invitation only.


Jean-Paul Luksic, Chairman of APEC CEO Summit Chile 2019: ”We need to jump on the bandwagon for change. We can’t get left behind.”

●      The businessman spoke to CNN Chile about his role as President of APEC CEO Summit Chile 2019, the most important business summit in the Asia-Pacific region.

●      The event will take place between 14 and 16 November this year under the motto “Co-creating the future, improving lives together”, seeking to offer opportunities to global executives for strengthening their networks and participating in dialogues with leaders of the APEC economies, authorities, academics and leaders of opinion.

●     This year the event will be held at the CasaPiedra Convention Center and will be attended by the Presidents of the United States, China, Russia and other countries, as well as by prestigious international speakers with notable track records in areas such as innovation and technology, trust and transparency, health, trade, inclusion, and sustainability. 

Santiago, 7 September 2019. Jean-Paul Luksic gave his first television interview in his role as Chairman of APEC CEO Summit Chile 2019, the meeting of the most influential business and government leaders from the Asia-Pacific region. 

This year, Chile is the host country for the summit that seeks to bring together APEC leaders to address the most urgent challenges facing our countries, which find themselves in a period of significant change. 

Speaking to journalist Paloma Ávila, Jean-Paul Luksic, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Antofagasta Minerals, emphasized that he would like the APEC CEO Summit “to contribute with ideas to the well-being of society”.

Luksic explained that APEC is the forum for the economic cooperation of 21 economies in the Asia-Pacific region, and that this provides the framework for the APEC CEO Summit, an event “where we business people invite country leaders to talk about the challenges presently facing the APEC economies”.

During the interview, Luksic revealed that country leaders will be playing an active role. “Some will make presentations” he commented, adding that attendance is expected from various leaders including the Prime Ministers of Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, and that the summit will be closed by the Presidents of the United States, China, Japan and Russia. 

In terms of the issues to be addressed at the meeting, Luksic explained that process for deciding on the topics had been very interesting. “We have to try to understand the nature of the challenges facing the various economies at the present moment, in order to agree on an agenda of common interest.” He added that for this Summit, experts and academics, as well as business people and leaders of the economies, will get together for profound discussions about matters such as the state of the world, disruptive innovation, trust and transparency, trade, development and inclusion, health for tomorrow, talent of the future and sustainability, and the future of natural resources. 

The State of the World

Regarding the state of the world at present, Luksic recalled 30 years ago, when APEC was just starting and globalization was a new phenomenon: “I believe that APEC economies in particular took globalization as one of the principal pillars for development and this turned out to be very positive for all of them.” He added, however, that the problem has been that the benefits of globalization have not reached everywhere. “One of the issues facing us relates to defining the type of globalization we want, how to ensure that it reaches all tiers of society and how to deal properly with topics as relevant as equality”, said Luksic. 

He also referred to the impact of the relationship between APEC and our country: “Chile is an economy that is small but open to the world (…) Participating in APEC has been one of the most important factors in the development of our international trade. It is clear that part of the growth of Chile has been generated internally. But there is another part of our trade that is related to our commercial partners. It is precisely the opportunity provided by this summit that will allow us to understand how to improve”, commented the President of the CEO Summit. 

Innovation and Digital Transformation

In answer to a question about how business people are addressing the challenges of rapid digital transformation, Jean-Paul Luksic commented that the greatest challenge was related to the retraining of the workforce. “We have to be able to focus an enormous effort on seeing how to provide tools and skills for our workforce (…)This is an issue that concerns both companies and workers; it is an area where we all have to change. We have to jump on the innovation bandwagon, and what we can’t do is allow ourselves to get left behind.”

Luksic made an invitation to accept the magnitude of this challenge, but also to see the positive side of technological development. “One of the panel discussions will be about health and the impact of data analytics, new technologies, the possibilities of developing higher quality drugs and of a more preventative type of medicine”, he said.

Trust and Transparency

One of the most relevant topics on the APEC CEO Summit agenda is that of trust and transparency and the present situation. For business people today “there is particular concern all over the world about the loss of trust and the lack of transparency felt by society, not only in relation to companies, but also with regard to governments and institutions. There is a dichotomy in that people have full trust in the company where they work, but they do not trust companies in general, nor do they have faith in their governments.”


The coincidence for Chile this year is that it is not only the host for APEC, but also for the COP25 meeting. The topic of sustainability is therefore at the center of public debate and concern. “At the CEO Summit both leaders of the various economies and business people will express concern about climate change. We can all see that climatic events are getting more and more extreme and having greater impact on society, companies and workers. We have to decide how as businesses we can address this. And today as business people we are being asked by society not only to work for economic results, but also to take responsibility for social issues and care of the environment.”

“We really do have our work cut out for us as business leaders. This is an era of change for everyone, not only for workers or for those who are in the world of innovation. There are repercussions for everybody and society as a whole must jump on the bandwagon for change. We can’t get left behind…”

Citizen Participation

Even though the CasaPiedra event has capacity for 800 guest including business and government leaders, academics and experts, the difference about this summit is that it is not hermetically closed off and civil society will have access to the discussions, declarations made by leaders and the presentations given by international speakers. “We have taken the trouble to ensure that the summit will be transmitted by live streaming, both in English and Spanish, and we also have our APEC webpage and Facebook account so that everyone who is interested in the issues to be discussed can get involved”, concluded Luksic. 

*The complete interview can be accessed at: https://www.cnnchile.com/programas-completos/jean-paul-luksic-pdte-apec-ceo-summit-chile-2019-tenemos-que-subirnos-al-carro-del-cambio-no-nos-podemos-quedar-atras_20190907/