CHILE 2019 14-16th November 2019

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APEC CEO SUMMIT is Asia-Pacific´s most influential meeting of business and government leaders. Attendance is by invitation only.


EMOL, 06-10-2019 APEC CEO Summit Chile: The Business Meeting at which Xi Jinping will Make a Presentation and that May be Attended by Putin and Trump

The event will take place at Casapiedra, on the days just before the start of the mega economic summit that will bring together in Santiago the 21 leaders of the group. 

Although there have been activities throughout the year in various regions related to the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum 2019 in Santiago, the main event will take place during the week that the leaders of the 21 economies of the group are present at the summit.

The mega summit will take place on 16 and 17 November, but beforehand there will be other important events. One of these is the APEC CEO Summit, a business meeting that will bring together nearly 800 people at Casa Piedra and where heads of state, academics and international experts on each of the meeting’s principal seven topics will be making presentations. 

The event will begin on 14 November, when the hundreds of guests will be welcomed. The activities of the following two days will be initiated with an address from the President of the APEC CEO Summit, Jean-Paul Luksic and will continue with words from President Sebastián Piñera. 

Following that, as the Executive Director of the summit, Andrés Varas, explained to Emol, 

it will be the turn of some of the APEC economies leaders to speak, including the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, his New Zealand counterpart, Jacinda Ardern, and the President of China, Xi Jinping. “We are awaiting confirmation that Vladimir Putin (President of Russia) will speak, and news is also expected from President (Donald) Trump, who has not yet confirmed his attendance, explained Varas. 

Putin and 11 other leaders have confirmed their participation in the APEC summit. Trump, however, has not yet advised if he will come or not, but this should be clarified during the first few days of November.

Panel Discussions 

Following presentations from the heads of state, there will be panel discussions related to seven different principal topics: the present state of the world, innovation and technology, trust and transparency, trade and integration, health, talent for the future, and sustainability. 

An international  expert will speak about each principal topic: Raj Panjabi, Co-Founder and CEO of Last Mile Health; Martin Ford, expert in Artificial Intelligence and robotics; Lisa Kimmel, Chair and CEO of Edelman Canada y Latin America; Ngaire Woods, Founder and Dean of the Oxford University School of Government; Paul Gilding, independent writer and consultant on sustainability; Mona Mourshed, President and Founding CEO of Generation: You Employed; and Robert J. Gordon, Professor of Economics at Northwestern University.

These discussion panels will take place one after another, commented Varas. In each case, after the presentation from the topic expect, there will be a round table conversation between four or five participants: heads of state, important owners of international – and Chilean – companies, authorities from the world of academia, and a mediator who will lead the dialogue. Other participants in the audience will have a chance for “informal” conversations during the pauses. 

“Approximately 800 people will participate in the summit, of which about 700 will be from overseas, from the various APEC economies, together with about 100 local participants”, explained the event’s Executive Director. He pointed out that attending these panel discussions will be businesspeople such as Jean Liu, President of DiDi, Belén Garijo, CEO of the giant pharmaceutical company Merck, and Richard Adkerson, President of the mining company Freeport. 

“Also participating at the APEC CEO Summit will be high-ranking representatives from international organizations including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Inter-American Development Bank”, added Varas. 

Selection of Guests and Differentiation

With regard to the selection of guests, the organizer of the APEC CEO Summit explained that “what we are trying to do is to get well-balanced participation between the various economies, to achieve a good representation from businesspeople from the different economies, and also to have a good balance by industry. Based on this, we drew up a list to select the guests”.

He also commented that there was the possibility of requesting an invitation on the organization’s webpage. Additionally, “various economies sent us names of those who could be invited. There were also some ambassadors, for example, who asked us to invite certain businesspeople from the various countries”, he added. 

Zone de Texte: "We have sought to generate discussion that will be relevant for companies, for governments, and for society. We have striven to draw up an interesting program, one manages to provoke different visions.
Andrés Varas

And about the differences between this APEC CEO Summit and the previous versions, Varas explained that “we have been innovative drawing up the program. In other words, this CEO Summit has a scheme of seven topics that are particularly relevant for discussion on a world level and with world experts on each of these topics who will motivate and provoke discussion. This makes the summit will be different from previous versions.” 
“When organizing a CEO Summit, each economy has structured the program according to its own criteria, but we have sought to generate discussion that will be relevant for companies, for governments, and for society. We have striven to draw up an interesting program, one that manages to provoke different visions”, he concluded.