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CNN Chile, 16-10-2019 Lisa Kimmel, Executive Director of Edelman Canada and Latin America: “CEOs have to take the lead in bringing change”

Kimmel is in charge of growth and development strategies for the largest Public Relations company in the world. She teaches executives how to manage their reputation and revert low levels of trust. 

A new and integrated corporate culture based on innovation and trust. This is what Lisa Kimmel, President and Executive Director of Edelman Canada and Latin America, the largest Public Relations company in the world, seeks to achieve. 

Lisa supervises Edelman operations in Canada and Latin America, where she is responsible for growth and development strategies for new business. 

New corporate culture

Greater access to information, together with the polarization of opinions, scandalous cases of corporate corruption and growing economic uncertainty, have caused damaging falls in levels of trust in big companies and governments, which is measured each year by the Edelman Trust barometer. 

For this reason, Kimmel also gives consultancy to executives in how to manage reputation and revert the public’s low levels of trust in big companies.

 “CEOs have to take the lead in making changes and cannot wait for the government to impose changes on them”, she says. 

The Canadian executive recommends the active promotion of values and a sense of purpose at a country and company level. She also promotes active communication, not only with the shareholders, but with all members of the public who are impacted by companies. 

“Companies must think not only about talking at people, but also talking with people”, she states, “and about committing themselves to a bidirectional dialogue”. 

Raising the voices of women

Lisa Kimmel is also passionate about the advancement of women in business. As President of the Edelman Global Women’s Equality Network, she is committed to supporting leaders of the future and promoting the hiring of female talent. 

Women must have confidence in themselves to create the circumstances that will allow them to be successful and to progress in their careers”, she asserts. 

Mother of two children, Kimmel looks for active ways for organizations to support the growth, development and retention of women so that they can reach the highest levels of the organization. 

She has twice been named among the 100 most powerful women in Canada by the Women’s Executive Network.