CHILE 2019 14-16th November 2019

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APEC CEO SUMMIT is Asia-Pacific´s most influential meeting of business and government leaders. Attendance is by invitation only.


Chile prepares for the arrival of some of the most important CEOs in the world

Not only the presidents and prime ministers of the 21 economies that make up APEC will be visiting Chile next November. Some of the most important CEOs of the largest companies on the globe will be coming. Between 14 and 16 November, the executives will be participating in the APEC CEO Summit, a meeting that is scheduled to bring together “some of the most influential government and business leaders in the world”. Although the names are not yet confirmed, businessmen such as Mark Zuckerberg could be coming to Casa Piedra to participate in the Summit.

 “It is a tremendously important meeting, because it brings together not only the principal business leaders of APEC, but also many country leaders. We are going to have an important number of heads of state participating in the event”, commented Andrés Varas, Executive Director of the APEC CEO Summit 2019. And although he did not want to mention the names of the leaders that could participate in the event, he did confirm that there will be presidents of companies from the USA, China and several other countries.

 “The formal registration process is opening at the end of June and there has already been a lot of interest. On the event program, scheduled to participate as speakers are the President of the United States, the President of China, the Prime Minister of Japan, the President of Russia and President Piñera of Chile, who will be opening the event”, commented Varas while talking to PAUTA Bloomberg.

When asked about the possible visit by Donald Trump, Varas confirmed that the President was considering attending the event. “The information we have is that President Trump is looking into the possibility of coming to the meeting. He has been invited by the Chilean Government not only to participate in the Summit, but also as part of a State Visit. In principle, he will be coming, but as circumstances sometimes change, we will have to await confirmation”, indicated Varas.

The CEO Summit, this year with the motto “Co-creating the Future, Improving Lives Together”, proposes seven discussion topics. “Conversation will center around seven thematic blocks. The format is a plenary session in which all the business leaders participate. We are going to have many speakers who are world authorities on the issues we will be discussing. Then, following each of the discussions there will be panel discussions in which business leaders and the leaders of the APEC economies will participate”, explained the Executive Director.

Among the issues defined for the various discussion blocks are: the present state of the world; a conversation about disruptive innovation; another discussion about trust and transparency; and a fourth block centered on trade, development and inclusion. Different panel discussions will focus on issues such as health, talent and sustainability.

Of all these topics, it is likely to be the block focused on trade that captures most attention, considering the present scenario of trade war confrontation between China and the United States. Varas commented that in effect this is the most “controversial” issue, given everything that is happening at present with world trade.

The Executive Director also referred to how the program for these events has evolved over time. He commented that in 2004, when the Summit was held for the first time in Chile, one of the blocks was focused on internet, a subject that today is taken for granted. Now, in contrast, one of the transversal issues could be the importance of public-private collaboration.

Between 650 and 700  international delegates are expected to attend the meeting, together with around 100 to 150 local delegates. Unlike what happens with the central APEC forum, no declaration is made following this meeting. However, it is expected that once the CEO Summit has finished, members of the APEC Business Advisory Council will engage in a dialogue with world leaders to give them policy recommendations. 

See the full conversation in PAUTA Bloomberg in Spanish here: http://tinyurl.com/y29qu84a